Gender Reveal Cannon Powder and Confetti Blue Only



Sweet Baby Co. specializes in helping you have the most magical, memorable moments in life!

Exclusively designed by Sweet Baby Company, this set of gender reveal cannons is unlike any other. Our cannons are crafted using an exclusive safe AND tested mixture of food-grade ultra fine corn starch powder and slow fall multicolor tissue paper for an unforgettable big reveal announcement.

Featuring a "How I Wonder What You Are!" print and gold foil twinkle twinkle little star design on the outside, with this gender reveal popper set, you'll receive:
-4 12" cannons filled with BLUE smoke powder and biodegradable, multicolored blue and gold star confetti
**All 4 cannons have the same, gender neutral gold design on the outside. Please refer to the bottom of each dispenser for a discreet colored sticker that will indicate the color of the inside. These may be removed prior to the event**

Safe and Easy to Deploy:
-To use, grip the top with one hand, and grip the bottom with the other hand. Twist in one firm motion
-Make sure to shoot it in an open and clear environment: our poppers are designed to brilliantly burst up to 15 feet in the air

We can't wait for you to have so much fun at your baby shower with Sweet Baby Co.'s gender reveal cannons! Upon twist and pop, the cannon shoots out like a firework display of smoke and confetti, showering the air with color. Our confetti is large, bright and flutters beautifully and vividly in the air for photos. Combined with the cloud of smoke, you are sure to wow the crowd. It guarantees a unique photograph or video to capture this special memory with your little one. BOY OR GIRL? We can't wait to find out!