Pink Elephant Candles - Pack of 6 Small Party Favor Mini Souvenirs and Decorations for Girls's Baby Shower, Baptism, and Bridal Shower


Pink elephant candles are the perfect touch for baby showers, bridal events, or baptisms. Handcrafted with elegance, these pink elephants bring a note of class to any theme. Serve as a sophisticated centerpiece, guests can treasure them as a one-of-a-kind keepsake or light them to warmly embrace your baby into the world.

Set of 6 candles and a great addition to gift bags – pairs perfectly with soap, bottle openers, seed packets, or keychains for a personalized touch!

  • Each elephant candle measures a precious size of 2.2" x 1.2" x 2.25"
  • Comes with a tiny "Welcome Baby Girl" flag
  • Made from 100% soy wax for a clean burn
  • Allergen-friendly and environmentally safe
  • Fragrance-free